Boy Youth Leadership

Troop 26 is a Boy Led organization.  As such, the Scouts provide the Scout leadership, not the adults.  The adults’ role is to enable the Scout leaders to successfully lead and ensure a safe and fun environment for all Scouts. 

The Scouts in Troop 26 are organized into patrols.  Each patrol elects a Patrol Leader (PL) who then appoints an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL).  The PL and APL are the overall patrol leaders.   The Troop also elects Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) who then appoints an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL).  The SPL and ASPL are the overall Scout leaders.  The ASPL and PLs report to the SPL. 

The Senior and Assistant Senior Patrol leaders appoint the flowing positions  Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Librarian, Chaplain Aide and Order Of Arrow Representative.  The Scoutmaster (SM) appoints the Troop Guide(s), Scout Webmaster, Instructor and Bugler.  All of these positions report to the ASPL. 

The SM also appoints the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster(s) and Den Chief(s).  These positions and the SPL report to the SM. 


  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – Tyler O.
  • Assistant SPL – Andrew F.
  • Assistant SPL – Ryder G.


  • Quartermaster – Matt C. and Kenny V.
  • Asst Quartermasters –
  • Troop Guide – Adam A. and Adam K.
  • Chaplain Aide – Matt C.
  • Librarian – Mitchell B.
  • Bugler – Andrew F.
  • Instructors –
  • Den Chief – Charlie B. and Andrew F.
  • Scribe – Ryan B.
  • Historian –
  • Webmaster – Macary G.
  • Social Media –
  • JASM – Craig D.
  • Outdoor Ethics Guide – Riley P.



  • Patrol Leader – Joey I.
  • Asst Patrol Leader – Julian C.


  • Patrol Leader – Ryan K.
  • Asst Patrol Leader – Nathan S.

Nuclear Potato

  • Patrol Leader – Charlie B.
  • Asst Patrol Leader – N/A

Blue Phenoix

  • Patrol Leader – Aaron B.
  • Asst Patrol Leader – William G.

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